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On Offshoring as International Development – Great post

neoprot November 29th, 2009

Simon Lester of the International Economic Law and Policy Blog makes a great point in his post in response to a recent WSJ piece.

So, yes, be concerned about job losses from offshoring, and try to help those who are affected through various government programs. But offshoring is not necessarily something we should try to stop, even if we could, as there are many people who benefit from offshoring, including a large number of people in developing countries. It may be one of the best development programs available.

The original WSJ Piece here.

On the Danger of Protectionist International Policy (

neoprot September 8th, 2009

The Wall Street Journal has a great article from the co-directors of the European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels on the dangers of big government at home for our open trade policies abroad.

This so-called managed trade or new protectionism lasted well into the 1980s, affecting about half of international trade. Global trade dipped after decades of solid growth—volumes actually shrank in 1976 and 1983, with anemic growth well under 5% between 1981 and 1987. This deepened and prolonged economic stagnation; global GDP growth was under 3% in 1974-5 and 1980-83. This kind of creeping protectionism, manifested in complex regulatory barriers and emerging slowly, insidiously, from bigger, more arbitrary government at home, is the big danger now.

From The NY Times: The World Reacts to Obama

neoprot November 5th, 2008

Obama reaching out is America reaching out

Obama reaching out is America reaching out

I’m just pulling out the quotes because I think they’re the most important parts.

It’s interesting the times chose to end with China.  The view from there is the most in need of address.

Buenos Aires

The biggest economy in the world has a leader that the world can talk to


This is a historic moment not only for the United States, but so we can all get away from perceptions about religion and race and instead consider the quality of the person

US Election Night 2008

neoprot November 4th, 2008

Long time since my last post, here’s some great stuff:

From Cliff’s Crib – We’re not hearing this view on the nightly news.  It’s a damn shame.

Longing for Courage in The Wake of Ohio

neoprot March 10th, 2008

I was distracted from the reality of the NAFTA rhetoric by the news stories of north of the border intrigue.

I’m back, I’ve considered it further and with the help of a great cartoon I found on realize where I should be looking.

Tony Auth on

Slate’s Free Trade series.

There is nothing safe in protectionism. Whether it’s “protection” of our borders and anglo-saxon ideal from the south, or “protection” of our jobs from the dreaded offshoring.

I don’t have the answer, it seems likely we’ll acheive equillibrium sooner or later, but in the meantime there will likely be upheaval.

Why support Obama? One of many reasons, Global Representation.

neoprot January 28th, 2008

Obama at DMACC in Des Moines IA, Courtesy of the Obama CampaignAn unmentionable truth of the global economy is that we, America look like the oppressor. Sure the Europeans do too but they haven’t been as forceful of late and are getting something of a pass.

In Africa we look like the Dutch and the British, in Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) we look like the british. In SE Asia we look like the french and, throughout the brown, red, yellow, black world we are the “other”, the master, the oppresor and the expelled.

Yellow is closer to brown than white.

Nations Who Act Like Ostriches Will Get Bitten in The Butt

neoprot January 6th, 2008

Alan S. Blinder, a professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton writes about the desire on the part of many Americans to “Stop the world“.

Finally, someone with a voice is remarking on this in the context of the current campaigns.

Among Democrats, it may manifest itself in attitudes toward international trade that range from lukewarm support to outright hostility. Among Republicans, it shows up in attitudes toward immigration — and most things foreign — that border on xenophobia

Thomas Friedman is a Friggin’ Genius or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

neoprot December 13th, 2007

Peter Sellers as Dr. StrangeloveYes, I know – it’s the sub-title of Dr. Strangelove. And just like the surprise Friedman expresses on behalf of the Iranians, I’m surprised it this movie hasn’t become an anthem for the current presidency.

Mr. Friedman in his current column uses a fictional “Iranian National Intelligence Estimate of America” to prove some very important points about opportunities lost both in the current administration and among the current crop of candidates.

One particularly telling point is that real foresight would have had us spending on Energy Independence instead of the “War on Terror“.

From the fictional report:

Fred Thompson May Not Get It

neoprot December 5th, 2007

I just watched Charlie Rose interviewing Fred Thompson.

Mr. Thompson was talking about his Federalist stance. He was talking in particular about education. Suggesting that one of the ways we would improve the US education system is to push more authority to the states themselves.

I present some alternative views: Finland and Canada.

  1. They’re kicking our asses and we’re lucky they have such small populations.
  2. I’m pretty darn confident their federal governments are involved

And then there was Nehru. Many credit Nehru with the creation of India’s IITs. And as we well know, India’s got it going on when it comes to global competition.

NeoProtectionism, A Definition

neoprot August 11th, 2007

What is neo-protectionism and why the neoprotectionist?

(adj) neo ((used as a combining form) recent or new) “‘neo’ is a combining form in words like ‘neocolonialism’”

(n) protectionism (the policy of imposing duties or quotas on imports in order to protect home industries from overseas competition)

LionNeo-protectionism is a challenge to some of the other neos out there. The neoprotectionist is intended as a rigorous review of how we, in the United States of America, need to adjust our focus to return to a competitive position in the new world. The New World Order is not what we thought.